investing in what the world needs


Invest in what the world needs

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what we do

3x5 Partners is a growth-oriented venture capital firm, providing high-net worth investors with private equity opportunities.

Since 2000, managing directors and founders, Tony Arnerich and Nicholas Walrod have stewarded over 20 companies through milestones and have deployed $390M across two funds and special purpose vehicles. 2019 brought the addition of two new managing directors, David Yeh and Joe Biller, and the launch of 3x5 Partners Fund III, a new opportunity to invest in successful, world positive companies.

We create wealth aligned with positive impact

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our focus

Innovation in life-science and resource-driven sectors

We invest deeply and strategically in companies with innovation at their core. We identify companies that reduce and evolve the consumption of the planet’s limited resources, including water, food, energy and natural resources and seek opportunities in the life-science sector to improve patient outcomes by developing innovations in biopharma and medical devices.

We are all passionate about the technologies we are developing and the companies we’re building.
— Steve Girouard, Portfolio Company CEO

Committed to Solutions


our strategy

Our portfolio companies are creative, passionate and committed to solutions

We build healthy companies through employing patient capital, and through a strong, independent Board of Directors to support and empower a talented CEO and management team.

I don’t believe that there is another investment firm that would have so patiently endured the challenges that we found along the road.
— Gregg Rotenberg, CEO Smart Wires

Relationships are at the Heart of our Returns


our Philosophy

Relationships grounded in trust and shared vision

We carefully select our partners and build relationships grounded in trust, shared vision, transparency and mutual accountability. 3x5 Partners is a certified B Corporation, committed to standards of performance, accountability and transparency and to building strong communities and great places to work.

Great investment partners are more than just money, and of course, when it’s more than just money, it’s about people.
— Cody Friesen, CEO Zero Mass Water

Tony knows the people that he works with and invests in at a level that most other investors never get to.
— Matt Diserio, 3x5 Investor

Current Companies

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